Earls Court Square


London, UK

Construction stage.

Construction has started on a new house at 1a Earls Court Square. A set of garages has been cleared to make way for the house which shall be constructed predominately in concrete and glass, and which uses its thermal mass and automated windows to maintain a comfortable temperature.

We aim to create a new house that is architecturally interesting, of high quality, and although contemporary sits comfortably in the nineteenth century setting of Earls Court Square. The architectural treatment will give the impression from the pavement and the surrounding area, of a garden wall behind which a house can be glimpsed. Although the house is extensively glazed, it will have a strong sense of privacy. The glazing will reflect the surrounding trees, will allow much natural light inside, as well as adding to the impression of the house as a light volume.

Internally the spaces will feel large and open. In fact the house is very tightly laid out, making maximum use of the small site. The concrete structure of the house shall be exposed and floors shall be smooth concrete, either gently cooled or heated depending upon the season.